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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

We offer all of that and much more.

The baler control system enables the presetting of parameters for up to 20 different material types. The operator only has to select the appropriate program for the type of material to be baled.

This solution enables a simple transitioning from one baling material to another.

In most cases, we install the ATS110-75 baler with 5 vertical bindings and a compression force that provides a specific pressure of min. 11 kg/cm2.

The PET perforator we ourselves produce is installed as a section of the filling shaft and automatically shifts in and out when selecting the material.

We design and manufacture the conveyors and booths for manual selection.

We offer other equipment such as bag unpacking devices, rotary sieves, ballistic and mechanical separators, magnetic separators, and other equipment from the highest quality manufacturers.

Please contact us for more information regarding our services. We will help you to find the right solution for your needs.