Customer support

  • When the machine breaks down, wouldn't you want that maintenance staff provides you with immediate assistance?
  • Wouldn't you want that repair staff check and if necessary repair parts of the machine that you weren't aware needed attention?
  • Do you appreciate reminders to check the status of the equipment and to replace worn-out parts and filters
  • Do you feel secure knowing that your supplier has all spare parts immediately available?

If you choose to work together with Anis Trend, you will appreciate our readiness to meet those expectations.

Even the best baler can break down and if you are not able to call in professional maintenance and obtain spare parts you will soon lose confidence in the equipment.

Regular maintenance and servicing are crucially important for a long equipment lifespan and flawless operation.

How to contact us for support:

  • Fast telephone support is available at ++ 386 1 837 00 20, at ++ 386 5 165 42 84, at ++386 5 131 30 27 or ++ 386 41 654 284 if you are not able to solve the problem on your own. Be ready to provide information about the machine's current status and its status prior to the occurrence of the problem as precisely as possible. We will assist you by telephone towards finding the solution or at least the cause of your problem.

  • Spare parts are stored in our warehouse and are shipped immediately using the respective postal service. You can also order them via fax at ++ 386 1 837 00 21 or by e-mail to

  • On-site maintenance and servicing are conducted either by aircraft or by our local representatives.

  • It is also possible to have permanent or periodical connection to us by modem.