Auto balers

Automatic balers for waste paper, plastic, etc.

We have divided them into four basic types according to size (cross-section in cm):

ATS 110-110 1100 x 1100 mm (Š x V) 1100-2050 kN 45-180 kW 5 x vertical or horizontal 1040 x 1900 mm
ATS110-75 1100 x 770 mm (Š x V) 580-1420 kN 30-90 kW 5 x vertical or 4 x horizontal 1040 x 1600mm
ATS75-75 750 x 770 mm (Š x V) 320-750 kN 22-45 kW 4 x vertical or horizontal 690 x 1300 mm
ATS75-100 750 x 1000 mm (Š x V) 580-910 kN 45-180 kW 5 x horizontal 690 x 1600 mm

According to the needs and specifications we manufacture:

All baling presses are equipped with shear blades to handle excess material. We can also install a prepress system using lateral mini hatches or a cover in the rear (the classic method).

Tying system can be horizontal or vertical. Both are basically the same and therefore we always have spare parts available in our warehouse.

The feeding hopper can be lengthened or shortened depending on the intended use or the size of the pieces of material.

Each above-mentioned baler includes a mounted cylinder to either increase or decrease the compression force. Based on that fact, we can offer you three heavy-duty methods of manufacture.

Engine power or the number of mounted engines is dependent on the required capacity.

The most common purchasing mistake is to choose the wrong type of machine. Therefore the following information is very important:

Please contact us for more information regarding our services. We will help you to find the right solution for your needs.

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