About the company

Innovation and reliability is our motto.

At Anis we make every effort to improve our products and services.

Our goal is not quick profits, but the building of a long-term reliable business operation that provides safety and security to us as well as our customers.


We are not a large company in terms of number of employees. Size is not so important to us. We put much more emphasis on the detail and the quality of our products, the level of expertise and knowledge, and the relationship we have towards our employees and our customers.


We are aware that it is unwise to specialize in and manufacture many different quality products at once. That is why we are principally specialized in the manufacture of balers, their auxiliary devices, and conveyors. In our 16 years, we have performed over 150 different installations around the world and have gained much experience within the field. On this foundation, we provide complete equipment for the management of communal, packaging, and industrial waste.


Some are amazed by our small business size considering what we manufacture. We maintain a well organized production and a large network of suppliers and subcontractors who are specialized in their field of work. Most of all, we use an excellent "LEGO" method of machine manufacture, where components are made constantly available in our warehouse, ready to be mounted into a new machine or for the supply of spare parts.


There is still a lot of mistrust in Slovenia and abroad regarding the quality of products and the reliability of companies in Eastern Europe. We would stress our belief that there is no reason for this mistrust. We are not immune to making mistakes, but we can easily compete with our competition in Germany and elsewhere because of our level of experience and our attempts to constantly improve and to seek innovative solutions.


We started our business in 1994 as a family business after the failure of Riko, Ribnica. After that failure, we gathered together our experience to create this business. We turned towards the manufacture of more complex automatic machines for baling and transporting waste paper, cardboard, plastic packaging, etc. We sought markets outside of Slovenia, including around Europe, Asia and even in North America. Today, our machines can be found in most parts of Europe, as well as in Asia.

Anis Trend, d. o. o. Official Information

Title of the company:ANIS TREND, proizvodnja, trgovina, storitve d.o.o.
Abbreviated title: ANIS TREND, d.o.o.
Company's headquarters: Mali log 2a, 1318 Loški potok
Registration number: 5785979
ID for VAT: SI27086356
Current account at Ljubljanska Banka 02321-0015759643
Registration location: Ljubljana District Court, under No. 1/23448/00
Capital stock: 95.142,50 €
Director: Bojan Janeš

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